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Bad things=Puke
Good things=Meow

But when your friends start using "PUKE" in their lexicon that is a big phat MEOW!

Name Change

Yesterday I met up with Michelle (Tina) at Macy's Mpls, downtown store. We did some chattin' and shoe shoppin'... I found 2 pairs of shoes, but now I think I splurged too much and I think I might return them! Even though they were on clearance, I really am trying to be good with my money. Anyway, after shoe shopping, we went to Sawatdee in Uptown for our favorite meal, Jalapeno Wontons, Chicken Paid Thai and a bottle of wine. However, we noticed something slightly off about Sawatdee, it is no longer SAWATDEE!!! It now goes by Uptown Thai Chili. We tried not to freak out, so we asked a server and he said, that for some reason the owner of this Sawatdee is not affiliated with the other ones. But for years he kept the name until recently. The server assured us that everything was the same, same menu, food & chef. WHOOO WHEEE! I personally think that of all the Sawatdees in the Twin Cities, the Uptown one is the best. So I would've been sad if anything changed. I guess…