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Rugelach? What is Rugelach? It is simply a Jewish pastry filled with all sorts of goodies. I really liked making this recipe the bestest so far. It is pretty simple to make, but easiest if you use a food processor to combine the dough. I made two different flavors of Rugelach. One with Black Berry Preserves and mini-chocolate chips. And the other ones have Currant preserves, walnuts and dried currants. They both came out tasting pretty spiffy. Officially I will find out tomorrow morning if they are any good when I pass them out to the lovely ladies in the front office. Not to be confused with the "lovely ladies" of Les Miserables the musical. I work at a school for goodness sakes! Speaking of working at a school, this was overheard today in the Media Center: boy student: Ms. Pam! Ms. Pam! me: are you talking to me? b.s.: yes, can you help me? me: did you call me Ms. Pam because I remind you of Pam from the show The Office?!?! b.s.: no, I thought your name was Pam! me: Oh. No my nam…