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Highlights, Million $ Homes and BFF Wedding.

the girls + one

It is only Saturday night, but I feel like this is the weekend that never ends. On Friday, I went out to meet with Jaime and help highlight her hair. She pretty much had a system going and since i am not one for math, I couldn't keep her "every 3" pattern going. But somehow we managed to get her hair highlighted and looking beautiful! I am really disappointed that i didn't take more pics on Friday night, because it was really fun. After the highlighting episode, Jaime and i headed out to where Shannon works, as she was finishing her night at the golf course\restaurant. The three of us enjoyed a few drinks along with some snacks and talked for awhile until Cindy & Heather showed up. I hadn't seen Heather since we graduated high school over 12 years ago. It was great to see her, and she now has two beautiful children. Since we were already in Watertown the five of us now made our way to Riverside Bar and enjoyed quite a few laughs. I love a good…