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I have other friends too....

I know of as of late, you all think the only friends I have are my co-workers. Quite the contrary, I do have other friends and I'm going to prove my point right here and now:

1. Friday, my MN BFF Shannon and I spent a rad evening together. We ate at our favorite Chinese (pretty authentic!) restaurant the Tea House. With the waiter who knows us and what our usual is. We didn't even really need to order... "like usual right?"
Yummy Chinese food was followed by a funny\silly movie called The Hangover. Staring Bradley Cooper and the voice of our cousin Chad (Justin Bartha). I realized that ]both Bradley and Justin also played best buds in the really dumb movie Failure to Launch. Zooey Deschanel was the movie, but what movie isn't she?

2. I spent Saturday with Ellen. We went to the Global Market and took part in a cake\dessert contest from the various eateries in the GM. My favorite was the Strawberry Cake from the Salty Tart (a most stellar bakery!)
We had delicioso chic…