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Kyle of the other half of K and\or K aka Waiting for a Little Vlachster, sent me a text today saying he was at a food demonstration with cool foodie awesome person extraordinaire Andrew Zimmern! If you have ever watched Bizarre Foods on the Travel Chanel, you will know who I am talking about. Andrew Z. is a local celebrity. I got to see him once with Kelly, he was at a movie premiere we were at. It's neat to feel so connected to someone so kinda famous.
Here is a picture that Kyle snapped of Mr. Z... Love the ginormous cucumber. It resembles his head! Twins!


Yes... I am bored with blogging. Does everyone go through a blogging slump? I just feel like I have nothing mildly interesting to say anymore. Or maybe it is interesting, but I am just too bored to write it down.
Does anyone else feel that way?
I really like blogging though... So I don't want to stop completely, but I don't want to write just to write either. I'm not going to stop blogging, Im just being honest in saying I'm bored with it.
In the mean time I will write 3 good things that have happened recently.

1. I got a new car! Toyota Camry baby! It's a spectacularly wonderful car that I got for a steal! I feel like i won the lottery!

2. I cleaned my kitchen! Okay maybe that is not a big deal, but I hate doing dishes, so sometimes they pile up. But i spent yesterday cleaning and now i feel all fresh and clean and sparkly and ready for Holiday Baking Madness

3. I am wearing a sweater I haven't worn in about 4 years! I gained some of my childhood baby fat back a few…