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TWD~Tiramisu Cake

Hello, My name is Noir and I am blogging in place of my owner Sabrina. She was too tired to blog so she asked me to write this for her. So while she is sitting here watching Gossip Girl, I am going to do her dirty work, because she is too busy drooling over Chuck Bass. Whatevs.

Tiramisu cake: I so wanted to make my big comeback with this cake! And sadly, this was my biggest disappointment yet. Mostly because the frosting did NOT turn out right. All that wasted marscapone makes me sad. It tasted awful, and my cream would not get thick. I did like the cake part... very different than the traditional tiramisu I've been used to. Making the cake was simple, and I decided to make it in a 9x13" pan instead of the 2 round ones. So I plopped the icky frosting on top of the cake and sprinkled mini-chocolate chips on top. It didn't taste half bad, but its not at all what I expected. I wanted the marscapone to be light and fluffy. Oh well, better luck next time. On PBS the other day …