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Hot Tranny Mess

Project Runway's winner Christian Siriano spoof by SNL explains it all:

The show must go on!

So Saturday night Shannon and Cindy and I met up at Axel's Bonfire for a little girl time... one thing lead to another and we were having so much fun we decided to get a hotel and have a slumber party. When we went to our room, some guy thought we were pretty cute and asked if we wanted to hang out. Hmmm... Not so much, but jokingly we said, Bring all your cute friends down and we'll have fun. We didn't really think he would come back... but low and behold when he did we really didn't want to hang out. So our stage-mom Cindy went into action:

Random Boy: So you want to hang out or what?
Stage Mom Cindy: I'm sorry, we have a show in the morning and we need our sleep.
Random Boy: Oh really, I'm sorry... I'll go.
Stage Mom Cindy: Yeah we have a show so sleep is important.

I love being a celebrity!