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Twilight, The Epidemic

Last night I was forced so happy to go see Twilight with Kelly and Kyle, Heather of the EO and Mackenzie. I had not read the book. I was on the fence about reading the book. But heck, why not go see the movie. WOAH. All I can say that this was the most insane movie experience of my life. Imagine about 75, pre-teen girls, SCREAMING! every time Edward would appear on screen, Or Jacob, or James... you name it, they would SCREAM!! It was so amusing and surreal that it made up for one of the lamest movies i had ever seen. Sorry if you liked it, i was not impressed. This did however make me want to read the book, so i could compare the two. I think I might like the book better. Maybe.
So onto bigger and better things, like Christmas and decorating and my Rosanna Inc.'s 12 Days of Christmas Plates! I am so excited because this year I have a real live dining room in my real live house, that i really bought all by myself! Anyway, I am not much of a collector, but I have fallen in love with …