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TWD~Devil's Food White Out Cake

I was really excited to make this cake. Mostly because I love making cake. More than cookies or pies or anything "floating". Cakes and Cupcakes are where it's at. I decided to follow the cake part of the recipe as written. I chose to use all Semi-Sweet chocolate since I don't really like bittersweet chocolate. I don't like the taste. My cakes baked up quickly, although they weren't as thick as I thought they should be. So instead of cutting them in half, I just sliced off the top of one of them for the crumbles. I ended up with just two layers. I didn't want to make the marshmallowy frosting... too many steps and I'm not good with candy thermometers and eggs!! So I made Peanut Butter Frosting! YUM! Thus my cake is not a white out, more like a sand storm maybe? I love peanut butter and chocolate... I like the simplicity of putting the cake crumbs all over the cake.
A Haiku
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