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Hey Mr. DJ

Someday when I am sitting around embroidering dish towels and decorating cupcakes, my kids will say to me, "Mom, you are such a nerd!" and to that i will reply, "True, but beleive it or not your old mom used to see shows like DJ Shadow at First Avenue! Who's the nerd now!"
Who you say is DJ Shadow? Glad you asked. He is simply a DJ who knows how to transform a few sampled tracks into a something of beauty. I was introduced to him about 12 years ago by a boyfriend who had great taste in music. And about 6 years ago I saw DJ Shadow live at First Avenue. AMAZING. Hands down this is still my favorite track: Building Steam with a Grain of Salt.

Nori in the Hizz-ouse

I was fortunate enought to go to a baby shower today for the Amazing Nori! (sounds like a circus name for the person they shoot out of the canon ball!) Megan and Norelle are the cutest mother daughter duo evah! And a big thanks to Melissa for not making us play any silly baby shower games!! Bravo! P.S. The writer's strike is over? Can life now be complete with all NEW shows of The Office?