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The Birthday Care Package Mother-Load!!!!

This morning, I enjoyed a fabulous Valentine's themed brunch at Kyle & Kelly's. Complete with Asparagus Stratta, Heart-Shaped Lemon Poppy seed muffins and some laughs from their nephews, Drew & Ben. (Do you know that they call their school mascot not the Mustangs but the Buttstains? That was sooo funny!!) After brunch, I helped Kyle haul dry wall into his house. I don't think he actually thought I had it in me to lift and carry dry wall, but alas I am one bad mamma-jamma when it comes to lifting things! Then Kyle changed my oil on the Legacy. Awesome & Appreciated!
I headed home and what did my wondering eyes appear, an awesome care package that brought me lots of cheer!!! My Aunt Lori sent me the most fabulous birthday care package ever! Complete with all the things i love! Heart shaped muffin molds, valentine cookie cutters, assorted sprinkles and icing, soap, and candles! Basically, a girly-girl like moi's dream package!! I am so thankful and happy for t…

St. Paul's Finest

Last night Ellen and i went to the heart of downtown St. Paul, which is about 1 mile from my home. I was saying to Ellen, "Downtown St. Paul is smaller and closer to me then Downtown Minneapolis, but I know my way around MPLS way better." I do know my way around DT St. P, but somehow i always get confused! Maybe Jesse Ventura was on to something when he said the roads in St. Paul were all made by drunk Irish men! Remember when he said that? So Ellen and I went and ate at my most favorite place, Babani's Kurdish Restaurant.
My roommate Holly Wood and I fell in love with this place about 7 years ago, and we can't stop raving about it. Babani's claims to be the first authentic Kurdish restaurant in America.... I believe it, how many conversations do you hear that go something like this, "Honey, how about we go eat some Kurdish food tonight!" Kurdish people are an ethnic group found in the middle east, over the years have gone through some very serious trial…