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Par Avion

I am now in the summer months of my job. Meaning no kids, no teachers. But that also means the piles of overdue notices I have to get out. Because God forbid that i didn't get these out and some kid can't register for the their parking permit next year because "We didn't know lil' Bobby had an overdue book!". ugh.
So while am addressing and stuffing some 300 envelopes, it reminds me that when I go home I have to do the same thing!!
The wedding invites are done! I decided to create my own and I found $14 packs of 50 blank invites at Walmart. We started printing the first batch last night and they look beautiful, simple and chic. I also saved a lot of moola! Invites were one of the things I didn't want to spend a lot of money on. Yes, i know they set the mood for the wedding, but they also get thrown away. So i feel like I accomplished both agendas.
I am also realizing that planning a wedding is all about the little details. It is easy to find a venue and a …