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Winner Winner

I have chosen a winner for the Deceptively Delicious Book Give-Away. Natalie from What's For Supper is the lucky girl... which she said on the comments that she hates veggies, so here you go Natalie!
This is my last day of freedom before I go back to work tomorrow. Last year at this time I was dreading the BIG RETURN to work... This year, I don't mind it so much. Hopefully, everyone will be rested and less crabby and I'm not talking about just the kids. I heart teachers.
So yes, this is my last day... I was able to watch my favorite Sunday Morning show, titled appropriately, Sunday Morning. You know the one with Charles "I'll see you on the radio" Osgood. Does anyone watch that? I lurve it!
I was going to post some photos of some things I knitted over break, but I'm too lazy to go find my spare camera.
And im finally getting back to TWD with a French Pear Tart for Tuesday... mmmmmm.
Those will all be great blog posts awaiting your viewing pleasure in the next…