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Liz is getting married!

My sweet friend Liz is getting married this weekend in San Antonio! Which means I will be leaving for SA Thursday night! Yay!! I met Liz about 6 years ago when we were teaching in China for the summer. We immediately hit it off and spent many hours (when we weren't with the students) shopping, EATING! and playing our favorite card game, Peanuts! The next summer Liz and I traveled throughout Europe and had an amazing time! This is a picture of us after we climbed a bazillion stairs to the top of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.
Since then we have hung out in Minnesota, Michigan, California, Vegas and now San Antonio! I am so thrilled to see Liz and finally! meet her husband to be, Stephen! Hopefully Stephen will let me steal Liz away for a few more adventures in the future! I'm anticipating a wonderful and SNOW FREE weekend! I will report back when I arrive home on Monday.

Word of the day:

1. emotionally purging

I've been having these dreams almost every night that are very cathartic. Dreams are good because they let you work out the things you need to work out, and say the things you need to say but aren't able to in person.

However, cathartic can also mean:
1. a purging medicine; stimulates evacuation of the bowels.

I never knew that meaning of the word. That is funny! Maybe i should start saying to people when they have an upset stomach.
"Man you just need to have some cathartic!"