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New Year's Eve

This is it, the last day of 2007. In a way I am very happy to put this past year behind me and forge on to a new year. I suppose I could wax poetic about everything that has happened to me this past year. Or i could just say that I didn't just survive this year, but I lived it! That is a good feeling. Although, the first part of the year was the hardest, and saddest... I went through a break-up that should not have been unexpected, but it really caught me off guard, broke my heart and changed my life. The first few days and weeks that followed were like baby steps, teetering and tottering about, falling down and trying to get back up, and man I was so scared. What could the future hold? Could God possibly see this silly sad girl and not only help her but heal her? So many uncertainties! I read yesterday on Nothing But Bonfires about how she was so scared to uproot her life, but what she found was better then what she left behind. I love what she says here and how so very true: