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At the Cabin....

This past weekend I was invited to my co-workers cabin. This was the "cabin"...

It was once an old funeral parlor... now its just a regular old "cabin" in the woods. We explored the basement and there was a dark dungeon room... I wonder if they put the bodies in there? I felt like David on Six Feet Under. Then we went out to the graveyard to explore that too... creepy. We even went back late at night, in the dark, with NO flashlights! Spooooky. There was about 8 of us up there, including the guys... but they were too busy playing cards, so the fabulous foursome just ran around taking pics and being total spazoids. We bring the fun.
I'm going to miss my pals come summer when we are on our summer breaks... The up and downside of working at a school.