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Star Wreath

 Tis the season for Wreaths! We have our standard evergreen wreath hung on the front door. But I wanted to make a wreath that was more unique. I bought a foam circle at Micheals along with some Burlap. I wrapped the burlap around the foam and secured it with a tack. I had a string of wooden stars on a metal wire that I wrapped around the wreath. This would be totally easy to make yourself  now that I come to think of it! Get some wooden stars and some wire and there ya go.  easy peasy!
 I also had some vintage stars and a Merry Christmas glitter sign that I attached to the wreath. Tie it up with some red ribbon and Bada-Bing Bada-Boom, there's your wreath!

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7 Months!

My little Christmas Elf is 7 Months today! He is no longer a quiet little baby that lays on the floor staring up at the sky. He is now crawling and pulling himself up onto anything he can reach. My day just changed drastically... and dramatically. With standing and holding on to furniture comes the rocky unsteadiness of little legs. There is a lot of falling over, followed by a lot of tears. He is also eating more and more solids. We are following a mixture of purees and baby led weaning. Where basically we give E some bits of food and let him feed himself. But I can be a nervous nelly about choking, so we are just going slow with this. Right now food is for fun and experimenting, so we are really laid back about solids. So far he loves everything he is eating. That's my boy! 

With Christmas right around the corner, we are so excited to share this holiday and all the beauty of it with our little guy! We have some traditions we are going to introduce him to and new traditions we wil…