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Home Stuff

The Kitchen is Painted! The U.G.L.Y. wallpaper boarder is finally down! 2 years, 1 marriage & a husband later the kitchen is getting a make-over. So far we have new counter tops, sink & faucet, stove & refrigerator. This week we will put up a back splash, hang some shelves & decide what we are going to do with the cabinets. I love the idea of open shelving, but I've heard it's hard to keep the dishes clean from dust and grime. But maybe some pretty glass door on the cabinets would look nice? Maybe a combo? The kitchen is so tiny, so we really can only do so much to it. But anything is better than what it was!

We spent a good portion of Sunday in Ikea. That place sucks you in and dulls your budget senses. We went to get some dvd storage shelves and ended up with a entertainment center, dvd shelves, desk, chair & vase. But as we were going to check out I realized that we really didn't need all this stuff, so we left. This was over heard prior to check out: