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Hair and Pumpkins and Mraz, Oh My!

Breaking news! My cousin Chad and his wife Kristi are going to have a baby!! Whoo Hoo!!! My Cousin Kelly explains the situation best in her blog here.

So I made the grown up step and got my hair cut last Saturday. Along with a much need color upgrade. Auburn with red highlights... I am missing my long hair, but I love how healthy and shiny my new hair-do is. I don't think I honestly could go any shorter. I had thought deeply about getting the Katie Holmes hair-do, not the newest one with the bangs but the one before that with side-swept bangs... Instead I went 6 inches shorter, and I still have shoulder length hair. It's not as curly as it is when it is long... I miss that too. But I do like it, for now, but I think it needs to grow out more. New Year, New Hair! :)

Anyway, one of my favorite gifts, and there were many, was a total surprise gift from my cousin Kelly. I had seen this totally cute soup tourine and bowls in the shape of pumpkins at Z-Gallerie but they were way out …