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I am at work. I can't concentrate. Again more changes. You know that feeling you get right before you go into something new? Like a new job, or big move, or a new relationship? That strange stomach thing that happens and that erratic racing of heart beats? I am feeling that way.
Not a bad thing. I just have a much anticipated next few days ahead of me. My job is going to be chaotic starting Monday. Everything at my job is up in the air. Not fun.
I don't like change, but I embrace it while it is happening. It's the before that makes me the most nervous. More nervous than the during or the after.
And this is a weekend of truly letting go and embracing what is ahead.
Most people who read this know that my ex boyfriend is getting married this weekend. I'm fine with that, really I am. I'm not just saying this to make myself feel better. I have had time to heal and grieve. It's a relationship that is very over. I wish him the best. But it has only been a little over a ye…