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6 Months!

Deacon Elliott is half a year old! It's hard to believe that 6 months ago I was on hospital bed rest awaiting his arrival. He has been nothing but pure joy. Always smiling, talking, and loving life. He is slowly catching up on all the cool things 6 months olds do. And I am have "DUH" moments when I worry that he should be hitting a milestone and he isn't even close. Because had he been born on his due date (January 28th) he would only be 4 months old right now. DUH!  So he is just where he should be and we love him so much! Next month he has to have surgery to fix a birth defect. It's a simple procedure and he can go home the same day. But I do worry about my little guy having to go under and being away from me. He has been through a lot with being in the NICU and has proved to be a fighter, so I trust he will be just fine. He'll probably wake up smiling, as he does every time he gets up. He rocks! Love!

Peony Love

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I live 2 miles... YES, 2 MILES from the world's largest organic peony farm, Swenson Gardens. Once a year in June they offer a walking tour of the peony garden, and of course I drove right on over. To say it was gorgeous, amazing, breathtaking, would be an understatement. I had a very peaceful time walking around and snapping pictures & smelling the blooms as I walked along the paths.
They sold individual cut flowers to take home or you can also purchase plants now and pick them up, or have them shipped in the fall. I'm still trying to narrow down the plants I want.