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Do you know that Tag is Gat spelled backwards?

I'm feeling pretty special, I have been tagged. Heather of the EO tagged me. Quite frankly as a kid I hated playing the game of tag. All that running around and continually yelling, "Tag You're It!" "Tag, No Backs!" UGH. As an adult I still don't like tag, but if i can sit and play then I'm game!

So here are 7 random quirks\oddities about me:

1. I have a row of baby teeth on the top row of my mouth behind my big teeth. There is no explanation. Some would say it's because I'm so shark like, I would say it must be my absorbed twin.

2. I have been to 8 different colleges. I know that must sound weird, but it just goes along with my habitual moving, job hopping and everyday quest for utopia.
The longest I was at a school was when I went to Northwestern, I was there 2.5 years and I only changed my major 5 times!

3. From the time I was born until the time I was 22 I had stick strait hair. My mom had to put curlers in it to give me any sort of bounce. I…