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Crazy Cousin Cabin weekend

This was the weekend for memories... Kelly, Kyle, Erin and I headed up to Hickory Lake early Saturday morning. Kelly's dad has a cabin there, along with his wife's family. As soon as we got to the lake we quickly unloaded our stuff and headed out to the lake. We all swam for awhile and us girls wore our trucker hats. Kyle referred to us as "trailer trash mermaids". Later, both Kyle and Kelly tried water skiing for the first time! Kyle even made it around the lake a few times! After skiing, the cousins took the boat out for a little tubing excursion. The tubing part was fun, but the best part was trying to get into the tube. We all had our various methods of getting in, which mostly entailed all of us at one point falling off the tube before we even started moving! The second best part was trying to get back into the boat. This was no easy task and we all on various parts of our body got pretty beat up! It was painful but very humorous, kinda like life is in general.…

Magic Bullet Party '07

The Magic Bullet party was a hit! Jaime, Shannon and Cindy came over, along with Cindy's friends Mike & Brian. We had a great time chillin' outside enjoy the beautiful weather. I found a bunch of old pictures from high school and we had some great laughs because of them. I even dug up a picture of Jaime and I at my 2nd grade birthday party! I looked like Dorthy Hamel on pixie stick crack, Jaime of course, looked as cute as she always does! Eventually we brought the party inside and made some delicious snacks with the Magic Bullet. And although we didn't completely re-inact the MB commercial, we did have a lots of fun making the food! Besides the MB snacks, as promised I made yummy Peanut Butter Brownies and Thai Chicken Pizza that everyone enjoyed! Fun times! We will now have to make this an annual event!