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A desperate attempt at blogging...

I am wearing shoes right now that squash my bunions. Okay so i don't have bunions, but my brother does. Big gnarly ones. I asked my dad, Why does he have those huge bunions?
The response, He can't help it, he's special.
Special indeed. If I had a penny for every time the "He's special" card was played, I would not be wearing these cheapy shoes that pinch my fake bunions.

Do you see what I just did? I started a story with a subject, i.e. bunions and I wove a tale around it and brought it right back to the original subject.

Are you mesmerized?

So I was in Love with LOST last night... just because at the end when Jack, Hurley & (gasp) Kate got out of the van and were reunited with Sawyer, it made me tear up a little bit. I mean it has been 3 years since they've seen each other.
And you know that Sawyer, despite what he says, despite the fact that Juliet creeps me out a little bit, HE IS STILL IN LOVE WITH KATE.
Awww Freckles.