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Time to get LOST!

One week from today, after a long much anticipated 8 month hiatus, the best show on television returns!!! LOST! I know, it has lost many viewers with the long drawn out plots. Everyone cries, But nothing is resolved and nothing is revealed! And what about those darn polar bears? All I know is that this show has me hooked. I can't get enough! It's more than just a group of people stranded on a not so deserted island. It is a show about the human spirit, mixed with redemption and healing. Everyone has a back story, they all tie into one another, and it seems as if they were all brought together on this island for a specific reason. Everyone bears a secret, everyone carries around guilt and shame. However, everyone in their own small way, comes to the point of letting go and finding that freedom, but it might involve pain, it might involve some soul searching, but freedom and healing is there waiting on the other side. Just like real life. You got me sold!
I have a theory for tho…

MMMM.... Cod

I am one who needs to have some snacks at my desk to keep me going throughout the day. Sometimes I have almonds, or beef jerky or goldfish. Today I was in the protein bar isle at target and i saw these neat looking protein bars called Twisted. Four delicious layers... Pretzel, caramel, peanuts, and nougat, covered in a creamy chocolate coating. 15 grams of protein!! You can't beat that! I love me some protein! You didn't need to "Twist" my arm to buy these bars. As I am sitting at my desk around 2:00 and feeling the need to munch, I pull out my new handy dandy Twisted bar and went to town. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste, I mean it is a protein bar so they do add copious amounts of soy, which is not my favorite but I will eat it. So this is probably one of the better fake candy bars out there. And so I thought, "hmmm i wonder what is in this bad boy?" Well funny that you ask! Ingredient #1: Protein Blend (whey protein, soy protein, milk protein, bas…


My last post was deeeep, and I don't want to be in that mode any longer. So I am going to write about Pegasus, the mythological horse that flies. When I was little my mom told me that all white horses would fly around at night, but you could never see them. I believed her too! And not only that, i was convinced that when I left my room all my toys came to life and had a party. I just had this suspicion and I would try to catch one or at least see if they moved even a hair, I never could catch them in action. When the movie Toy Story came out, I almost peed my pants! I wasn't the only one who believed toys came to life!


Believe it or not, i have been out of words the past few days... but i have been thinking a lot and processing for me leaves me rather introspective to say the least. So this is really strange, but I don't know what to write about. I do have a sports related blog post in the works, but that is in development phase. So in the mean time, any suggestions on what to write about? I'll write about anything I am so desperate. I think this means I have writers block. Ouch.
Ok, I am back from lunch... and I had a few thoughts, but are they writeable? I don't know. I have been having a series of dreams all about the same person, but different situations. Last night in my dream I asked this person if they would consider running away with me, and they said, NO. But they also said that one of these days I will need to learn that running away will never solve the problems at hand. It is by staying and facing these problems that I will become the best version of myself. What? I mean I get…