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Birthday Party Dump Cake

Kelly & her "Dump Cake"

Kyle at 30


Tonight we celebrated my cousin Kyle's birthday. He is now officially 30 in years, but about 12 emotionally! Well we had fun, and Kelly made really great food. Including the Dump Cake recipe that she found. Basically it's just fruit in heavy syrup, pie filling, dry cake mix (sans any oil or eggs) and a stick of butter in pats. I put it together and then Kelly served it over ice cream! MEOW! Very good! PLus we had all the left over wine from the night before (thanks Tabitha!!) and I had about 4 glasses of the something that started with a "V"... My friend Sarah showed up too, so it was great to see her and chat! She's awesome! Or as we realized what we say in Minnesota is soooo Awesome! Oh and as I mentioned Tabitha earlier, funny coincidence but I know 2 sets of couples with similar names: One is Tabitha & Marshall and the other is Tabitha & Martin... Crazy!