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Wish List

My hubby and I were talking about what we were going to get each other for Christmas. We both are pretty ambivalent, considering we just got a ton of really great wedding gifts. And last week we went to Fleet Farm and I bought him a coat and he bought me a food dehydrator. (we're so practical). But the more we talked we wanted to buy a each other a little special totally impractical something. It's no secret that my all time favorite store is Anthropologie. So many interesting and unique little things there! If i were rich I would probably only shop there. Although sometimes I can't stomach their clothing prices... I'm a target\old navy type of clothes shopper.
For fun though, I decided to make an Anthropologie wish list. Just a few cutesy things that I wouldn't mind having. These were my top choices:
Cloth Bound Penguin ClassicsI love so many of these stories, and these covers are so lovely. I have 2 at home, but i really want A Christmas Carol, Little Women & …