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The Tortoise and The Hare

I'm not really glad its Monday, because really my weekend was super busy and it flew by and now I'm back at work. Next weekend I am keeping it simple. maybe. After work on Friday my friend Tina Michelle Dolce stopped by at my job and dropped off some dvd's and then she went along with me to look at a house. The house that I put an offer on over a year ago was on the market again with the price drastically reduced. It was interesting to look at it again, but i wasn't feeling the same way i did about it a year ago. So afterwards Michelle and I sat in her car and talked about jobs and relationships and life in general.
Then later that night I went out with the lovely Ellen. We went to the Riverview Wine Bar and had a flight of some delicious wines and some steller pizza! We chatted for about 2 hours, lingering over our wine and having a few laughs about our boy crushes and all that fun stuff. After that we cruised Lake St. and ended up at Lunds. There I bought some Hamanta…