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We are having the most amazing weather here! 70 degrees all week long!!!! Maybe in other parts of the country that is normal, but here in  MN that doesn't usually happen until May! We've been on a lot of walks and a visit to the lake. Granted there is still ice on the lake, but it's still lovely nonetheless. I know Spring isn't until next week and we have St. Patrick's day to celebrate first, I couldn't help but do some Spring decorating. I found the frames at a thrift store. They were U.G.L.Y.!!! But with some paint, they look totally transformed! So NEVER underestimate some old junky frames and paint! Hello transformation!!!!

I had fun editing these photos with PicMonkey. It's very similar to Picnik, so I'm glad I found another fun photo editing site after Picnik goes buh-bye. I suppose I could finally learn how to use photoshop, but I like to keep it real (and easy). I used a feature called Yester-color to give it an old fashioned vintage look to the…