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Bathroom Makeover Update

A few weeks ago I posted my bathroom. Yes, the bathroom with the broken medicine cabinet, ugly lights and 1980's drawer pulls. Since then we have made a few changes to update it and make it look 100x better. It's still a work in progress mind you. I still need to put up some art, sew the curtains, get a new rug and maybe put up a shelf. 

So here we have the before:

And the almost finished after:

I could say "We" but in reality my husband did all the work. I just picked out everything. So yeah, we make a good team! Thus far we have new lights, a new mirror,  new drawer pulls and a fresh coat of paint on the vanity. When it is all done, I will post awesome pictures with all the details. 

I'm sharing my Before and After over at Shine Your Light.

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