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Pick Me!

Here i am, sitting here at work. I'm wearing a dress and high heels, nice jewelry and i flat ironed my hair. I wanted to look like an adult*, the look that said, "Hey I'm a responsible individual, pick me for a house." I close on my house today at 11:00am. I'm not even that nervous. Should I be? I guess I'm just thinking about all the work I have to do, if I'm going to be able to maintain a home? Will I forget to change my furnace filter, because I obviously can't remember to check the oil level on my car. I guess I will need to be a more proactive homeowner and take better care of a house than I do my car, or a cat for that matter, because my friends all say my cat looks like death. Hello, he is 16 that's like 200 in people years, you would look like crap too! Poor kitty Marius.
Anyway, here I go, embarking on the biggest purchase of my life, a huge step in the life of Sabrina! I am excited however, to have people over, to cook and feed people in …