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Something Shmek Gut!

Awwww... JULY! My beloved month has finally arrived! 31 absolutely wonderful, amazing, and joyful days laid out before me!!
As I sit here the sunshine is already streaming in from my window and I lean my head back and let it engulf me with all it's goodness. I was praying earlier this morning for blessings, not just for myself but for everyone else in my life who needs a blessing, that and a big dose of grace.
I myself, have many questions and uncertainties about my future, and I am always in need of God's grace... ALWAYS! But God is good, and who am I to question?

Well I decided to start this month off by doing some baking and cooking! I am going over to Bonnie & Mark's house tonight for the third night of Connecting the Body fellowship.
I pulled out my trusty Better Homes and Garden's Cookbook and I think I am going to make a Thai Chicken & Nectarine Salad. And for dessert, I am going to make Vanilla Cupcakes with Banana Pastry Cream and Chocolate Frosting! I l…