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Getting it Together...

The sickness bug has hit! UGH! First the flu, then a cold. Thankfully Everett has been okay and no sickness! We are on the mend, but the house is trashed! How does that happen? There are three of us living in this house and by the end of the day the house can look like a huge mess! I blame a lot of it on Hurricane Everett. He can destroy a room in a matter of seconds. It's really amazing the chaos he can create... and he can't even walk yet!  
(and yet I find it endearing at the same time. I love that he is such an active little boy) 

I have been working on organizing many of the rooms in this house. It seems like when we moved in here all we did was throw stuff in closets and under sinks and walk away. Now a year later, I've had enough. No space is safe. It feels so good to throw, donate and organize things. I never understand why we didn't do it sooner. 
I really like the saying, "A place for everything and everything in it's space". Sounds a bit Mary Popp…