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Jug O' Pee

This may be TMI but i just had to post. As my pregnancy comes near a close, I find all these weird things happening. Like my doctor thought i might be showing signs of Preeclampsia, so for 24 hours i had to collect my urine and put in a big jug AND keep it refrigerated. I was tempted to write over the label and put Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (i didn't!)But everything is now fine, no preeclampsia here. So that worry is over. They did an ultrasound on Wednesday and i have a BIG ol' baby growing in me!!! 7lbs and i'm only 36 weeks. If i go to my due date (which my doctor is predicting i will) I could have a 9 pounder! whoo whee! He has a full head of hair and is really long. Just like his mom! Well I was at one time. When i was born i was 21 inches long which is big for a baby. I only grew to be 5'2" though. And all my super model hopes were dashed. And on top of all that my baby's kidney is a tad big, and so they want to do a follow-up with a Pediatric Urologis…