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For a couple of weeks now, My cousin Kelly and i were very excited to take out our friend Heather for the night. She was Kelly's friend first, but I think I am ready to say she is my friend now too! Heather is a great gal and I wonderful mommy to 2 ADORABLE little boys, Miles and Asher. So we thought it would be fun to get Heather out of the house for a night. WE met up at Cafe Bonxai, a nice Asian-Fusion restaurant on University Ave. Kelly's BFF Sarah also joined us, and she never fails to totally crack me up. Our plan was to go eat and then a movie. We made it through dinner, and were about to see the movie, when Heather says, "I have some scary and sad news to tell you." I was thinking the worst, but really she couldn't join us for the movie, because her kids were coming down from their Christmas high and her husband Ryan had to catch them. :) So we of course were disappointed, because we like you Heather! and I was really only mad at your for maybe 10 seconds…