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Lazy Saturday

I spent the morning with Nori and we had coffee and huge belly-ache laughs, the kind where you laugh so hard you have to grab onto the other person and they grab onto you and you both can barely hold each other up because you are so doubled over it almost hurts.
Then Nori and I went to the Goodwill and we ran around the store, trying on funny hats and shoes. Oh and when we found that huge chunk of marble and we laughed because it almost looked like cheese. And then that weird curly haired lady who kept following us around said, "Well I guess you could use it as a door stop or book end." Whatevs.
That same curly-haired lady whose name sounds like Micheal Phelps, she also kept asking me really private questions. But she totally used her husband as her alibi and would say, "Well Jake was wondering what you did for the past 10 years?"
When really we know that she just wanted the dirt, so she could make me out to be some drop out loser on her blog.
Good thing everything I t…