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One Big Happy Family!

Tom, Katie and...


They're Back!

The greatest show on television is back from its 8 month hiatus. It made me so giddy to see that opening LOST flying through space! I will spare the details for those of you who could care less, or who are not mega-fans. But this is my theory: 6 people got off the island, Jack, Kate and Hurley for sure... Hurley is back in the loo-loo bin and Jack comes to visit him, along with a phantom Charlie. Charlie tells Hurley that he has to go back, and when Jack comes for a visit, Hurley says, "we have to go back!!!" Jack says something about growing a beard. Ok rewind to last season, Jack is now a beard wearing alcoholic. (the beard is hot by the way, but I am sucker for facial hair) anyway, there is a funeral, possibly Hurley's? And then Jack realizes that they have to go back! Who are the other 3 who get off the island? Locke? Sawyer? Said???? Your guess is as good as mine! Another theory is that there are more than 6 who got off the island, but the Oceanic 6 were the ones re…