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ABBA is Amazing!

Hey George, you're cute!

Sarah and I went out for Calzones last night... John's Pizza has the best! So we split a delicious artichoke heart & portabella mushroom calzone. I love going to John's with Sarah... We have great conversation and the scenery isn't bad either, i.e., the group of police officers that are always there! Meow! Afterwards we took a nice walk around Lake Como.. now since I live near Lake Como, I knew that there were bad storms that ripped through the area, I mean duh! a huge tree fell on my building! But I didn't know how badly the storm damage was until I walked around the lake. It looked like a war zone! Massive trees, ripped up from the roots, branches lying everywhere, trees lopped in half, (Hey Tommy, can you get me my Loppahs so I can cut the Popplah), hey a shout out to my favorite home show, This Old House!
Anyway, it was a real disaster area at the lake, but as Kelly's says, "It's mother nature's way of pruning." A similar storm came through…