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Road Trip Ready!

Every year for the past three summers we have taken a trip to visit family and friends in Michigan for several weeks.

And every year we our family grows and grows. With two kids we have twice the stuff to bring along now. 
Let me break it down what we will be travelling with this year 

3 Suitcases
1 Pack n' Play
1 Rock n' Play sleeper 
1 bin of toys
1 diaper bag
1 stroller
2 car seats
1 toddler
1 infant
and a partridge in a pear tree.

So one thing we are looking for when it comes to buying a new mini van is something with lots of extra storage space. I really like that the Kia Sedona has Split Fold-In-The-Floor 3rd Row seats. You can put the seats up or down depending on how much room you need for cargo\people. And right now we need a lot of cargo room for all our stuff. 
We also like that the Sedona offers a navigation system. Sometimes it's just so much easier to drive if you don't always have to look down at your cell phone or map. 
They also have this amazing feature called the…