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As fate would have it...

Never give the ONLY key to open something important to the girl who habitually loses her own keys. When I first started working at my job, I was given a set of keys. On that ring of keys was one small tiny key to the petty cash lock box.
They said to me, "You are the ONLY one with this key, no one else in the building has it. So it is up to you to guard it with your life."
All I could think was, Oh what joyous rapture to be the sole master of the "key". Actually, all I could think of was:
a) I'm so going to lose this key b) remember what happened to Enron
Let me just jump ahead, spare you the sordid details just to say that on the last day of school, I lost my keys. No where to be found. Kinda like John Mayer in his song Dreaming with a Broken Heart when he sings gone gone gone gone gone like 100x over and over and that is when you realize: a) he really isn't that great of a song writer b) I am so screwed!!!!
But as fate would have it, all was not lost. Apparent…