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Bare Feet on Grass

I went to my parent's house today after work. My car needed to be worked on for an issue that was predicted would probably happen. Something with the wheel or axle... nevertheless, it's fixed now and hopefully my little Subaru will keep moving along. While I was waiting, I had a chance before the rain came to just walk through the grass with my bare feet. I thought I had better enjoy the feeling of grass between my toes before it was too late. It felt lovely. I know that the winter will soon be upon us, so I don't want to take these last few days of summer for granted. I captured a couple of pics of the last of the roses, and berries and tomatoes. And I watched as the rain clouds rolled in. I just needed to be outside and enjoy these fleeting moments, even though it is hot and sticky, I will soak it in before it is no more.