Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Stuff

Today I had a chance to get out and spend a little birthday money. So of course I headed to the local thrift store. There is a new one in the city I live in and it by far as the best stuff. Who doesn't love a good thrift store? Lots of variety and a ton of craft stuff and children's books. And other random crap stuff  I don't really  need. 

I found a few books I have been wanting
  1. Peter Rabbit's Giant Story Book by Beatrix Potter. Who doesn't love reading about that naughty Peter Rabbit and his friends? Of course the illustrations are beautiful and whimsical too. 
  2. Good Night Minnesota by Adam Gamble and Joe Veno. This is a new spin on Good Night Moon, but only this time they highlight all the famous Minnesotan Landmarks. Oh yah, you betcha! 
  3. 101 Things to Do for Christmas by Debbie Trafton O'Neal. This is a really fun book for kids (and adults) during the Christmas season. There are lots of fun crafts, projects and treats to make. 
  4. The Monster at the end of the this Book. I was seriously so excited to find this book today. Everett received his own copy for Christmas, but this one is for my brother. I owe him a copy. You see back when we were wee lads hanging out we would read this book over and over. We had it memorized and we would freak out when Grover would freak out. Now, you can only read a book so many times until you start to get a little surly and sassy and you start making up your own version. Changes were to be made. Oh I don't know, maybe I might have scratched out all the times it said "MONSTER" and I might have written the word "POOP". I'm not advocating for this behavior, but when you are a kid and you can make your brother laugh by saying "Poop" over and over, it's pretty funny. Especially when Grover now says, "Oh I am so afraid of POOP!"... See. 

I have been searching for an old school ice bucket. My grandma had a similar one, that I believe my cousin Kelly now owns. I just love the yellow and white stripes and acrylic lid and handle. Now I can serve my cold beverages in style. 

A little cuteness for you:
Too cool for clothes.

Some other things:
  • So bummed that my favorite photo editing site Picnik is closing shop. I really hope Google+ will be as great as they are saying it will be. Picnik will be missed. 
  • I watched a documentary on Pearl Jam Twenty. It definitely brought me back to my Seattle-Grunge wannabe years. Who didn't have a crush on Eddie Vedder? Did you see him on Portlandia? I died. 
  • We finally got our guest room\office\craft room finished. Now we can have all the sleep-overs we want! (Pictures to come)
  • We also organized the bathroom vanity and linen closet. Doesn't it feel so good to get rid of stuff that you never use? The big bathroom reveal will be coming up next week with lots of before and after pics. I can't wait to share what we accomplished. (on a tiny budget! yippy!)
  • I had a great birthday with lots of love. I am blessed! 
  • Almost time for Downton Abbey. See ya! 

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Kristina P. said...

Can't wait for the guest room pics. That is our next project. It's a giant mess right now, but I'm excited to tackle it!

blackheartbetty said...

Awwww. I love The Monster at the End of the Book! One of my childhood favorites.

Rose said...

Picnik is closing? Oh no! Picnik is essential to my use of Picasa for photo editing needs. I am not a big fan of Google+. Guess it's time to go shopping for a new free photo editing tool...

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