Summer Reading List

I know I don't blog any more. I'm just not into it as much as I used to be. But in the effort to be productive in writing on my blog and talk about books and reading, I'm compiling my list of summer reading.

I have so many books to read, and so little time. July is almost here and I have two months to get through this list.

The Veins of the Ocean
Before the Fall
& Sons
Tell the Wolves I'm Home
The Girls
The Forgotten Garden
The Assistants
Truly Madly Guilty
The Knockoff
The Weekenders
Vinegar Girl
Simply Tuesday
Starvation Heights
All the Light We Cannot See
The Shoemaker's Wife
Small Great Things
The Beach House
Saving Abby
About the Night
Falling Together
Heir to the Glimmering World
Inside the O'Briens
At the Water's Edge
The Boston Girl
If You Left
Results May Vary
Miller's Valley
Before I Go to Sleep
The Book of Speculation
Everybody Rise
Barkskins (This is a really long epic novel, so this might turn into an Autumn book)

So there you go. I'm hoping to read each one, but I'm not holding my breath either. I just love books and wish I could read a book a day.


vmichelle said…
Holy schmo, that's a lot of books Sabrina! :-) Just saying hi, because I'm in the "not blogging anymore, but sometimes randomly want to blog again" camp too. But I still love seeing what you're reading on Goodreads, so keep it up over there.
K and/or K said…
I want to read LaRose as well! That author is someone who I'd like to read, she sounds amazing!

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