Thursday, July 25, 2013


I gave my little ol' blog a makeover! It was much needed because I think I've had the same header for a few years now? I can't even remember the last time I've changed it up.
Speaking of makeover, I personally am in need of a makeover. You know when you wake up and your hair has been in the same bun it was in from two days ago... and you still leave it in that same bun? Yep. Makeover time! 

My hair is long and curly but mostly frizzy. I wear it up in a bun Ever. Single. Day. Mostly because I have a 7 month old who likes to grab a hold of it and rip it out. But also because, what else do I do with it??? It has no style. 

As you can see from this pic, my hair just hangs there with a lot of frizz to boot! 

What I am thinking about doing is going a lot shorter with cute layers. And also maybe some color on those locks would revive it a bit??? 

Sooo... I love this hair color: 
Hairstyles of Spring & Summer: Loose waves, ponytails, side sweeps
And this cut:


Or even this short... (Doesn't D.J. look smokin'?!!)
candace cameron smiling page knitted dress necklace 2012

Now I just need to go and do it! Wish me luck, and I'll post some pics when I get the new look! 

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Mary Beth said...

Good Luck and good for you! You're doing something I always wish I would do! I'm very much in the same situation (4 mo. olds like to pull hair too) and have very similar hair to yours. Although I have to say your color is beautiful. I'd keep that if it was me :)

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