Monday, July 29, 2013

July Ends

I always get a little sad when the last week of July rolls around. In a few days, it will be August and then it's just a few short weeks until the beginning of the school year. And I know I'm spoiled with having my husbino home for the summer, but it's tough when he goes back to work. We just miss having him around. I know, cry me a river. So we've been making the most of our days by finding a nice mix of being around the house and also keeping busy outside the houses. 
Saturday we went to a wedding and also purchased some new phones. My old phone had died and I was stuck with a mini slider phone that even with my tiny fingers, was hard to text with. 
So we upgraded to the maximus and have some pretty fly phones. I got an iPhone 5!! I've been wanting one forever and I am very happy with it! My coolness factor is so high right now,  and then I realize it's been a few days since my last shower. 

Sunday I sat outside on BLVD's patio with my girl Ellen and we chatted and got caught up, because it had been awhile. The patio was gorgeous with some beautifully potted plants. How come mine never look like this:

Today we packed up the mom-van and brought the boys to the Children's Museum of MN for their first visit ever. There is a Dora the Explorer exhibit, and if there is one thing my 2 year old son loves is Dora! Although he has been much better, there was a time when the first thing out of his mouth in the morning was, Dora?! 

It was a lot of fun running watching Everett explore. And even Deacon got in on the action too. 
There was only one HUGE melt down at the water tables, but other than that, I would say for a 2 year old and a 7 month old they kept it together and had fun. 

First time drinking out of this amazing thing called a Drinking Fountain. It was a big deal. 

I can't be any happier and peaceful.

I feel so artistic

D & B 

"No, No ships"

Swiper you suck.

Pleased to meet you goddess and love of my life.

One with nature.

Back Stroke


St. Paul is better.

We of course HAD to go to Cossetta's for pizza while we were in St. Paul. I was telling my husband that when I used to live in St. Paul I probably ate there once a week. And although I love living out in the sticks now, I sure do miss my St. Paul life sometimes and mostly for the food!

We have a couple other adventures lined up for the week and then it's off to Michigan in a couple of weeks for our annual visit all our favorite people adventure!!! 


K and/or K said...

I love all of these photos!! The boys are just precious. Sounds like you've had tons of fun lately! And now we can text easier--huzzah!

Christina Main said...

Awwww looks like you guys had some fun! And uhhhh, I see Everett got to spend some time with D-D-D-D-Dora :)

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