Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy life

 Two kids under two is nothing to shake a stick at. They just sit and shake sticks at me and attack me. True story.


Remember Julia Sweeney, who played Pat on SNL? I still love to do impersonations of her/him! Julia, not Pat, wrote a book on a collection of essays on Motherhood. Hello, I can relate.  

"I want to be alone. I really need to be alone. 
I took so long to assemble my lovely family... I went after creating family like a golden retriever running after a ball --how much does a the dog think about what he's doing? He doesn't think. He does. He is a doer. That's me too. I did it. I do it. I am doing it. 
Every morning I get up and hustle. I'm sure this is true for most mothers. It's true for me too. This is what I wanted, after all.  This was my dream. I'm always on task. I never go up the stairs of our house without looking around for what needs to be taken up. I never buy just one meal's worth of food at the grocery store. I drive carpools. I volunteer at the school cafeteria. I wait patiently outside the dance classes. I iron. I clean up the cat vomit. Make dinner. Walk the dog. I work at home and then really work, at home. I quell the rising ire in my roommates. I try to install harmony, efficiency, and a calm, enabling environment for my fellow family members. I often set the table two hours before dinner. I live by lists. I pick up things in our house and put them where they go. Chiefly, I'm the protector against chaos that threatens us. I am a good soldier.
I love my job.
Secretly I hate my job.
I love my family. 
If only they would disappear."

Okay... I don't want my family to disappear  And careful what you wish for. The last time I wished for a break, I ended up on hospital bed rest for two weeks. That really was a true story. I said, Dear God I need a break!! And that night, my water broke. 

Seriously though, I love my boys. Very much. Here are all the pictures to prove it.

Farrah Fawcett called and she wants her hair back. Along with every player in the NHL.

Blue Man Group called and they want you to audition.

Bunny Butt

Impossible to get one good pic of Everett, because he is chowing on Jelly Beans.

Cutest baby EVER!!! Deacon is our premium preemie! 



K and/or K said...

Super sweet pictures! Don't let those Swayze locks turn you into a hockey mom! Maybe he is born to dance? :-)

Christina Main said...

Eeeeep cutie patooties!

Brittany said...

Oh Sabrina, I totally hear you!! And I only have one! I can only imagine how crazy busy things must be with two little guys at home. You are super momma! I agree with the post above ^, the little Swayze locks are ADORABLE! Both of your boys are just precious. It does get frustrating at times but you and I both know we'll look back and miss these moments. Maybe ;).

joolee said...

Love this post! Adorable kiddos! Maybe you just need a break to the Juicy Roost. I have 4 lil built in babysitters and a pretty full craft room.......

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

how stinking cute are they!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I love Deacon's smile in your last photo - precious!

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