Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Brittney over at Fun with the Fullwoods, posted one of these, so I'm going to do the same. 

A=Available or Married?
Married to TC, which stands for Teacher Crush. 
And that is what I had on him at the school we worked at. 

B = Book?
I am back on the Book wagon. I used to read a lot, but then I stopped. Now I just check out 18 books at once from the library. I can't stop myself. And I have to read 3 books at once. 
C = Cake or Pie?
I do love cake, but pie is good too. Frosting is fun.
D = Drink of choice?
Water. Boring, but I love it.  Or a cocktail.

E = Essential start to your day?
Pretending I don't hear the kids to get the last 5 minutes of peace all to myself. 
F = Favorite Color
Hot Pink

  G = Game to play or watch?
I do enjoy going to a Twins game, but that hasn't happened in awhile.

 H = Height?
I = Indulgence?
Shopping by myself

J = Job?
Living the Mini Van Dream
K = Kids and names?
Everett Timothy and Deacon Elliott

L = Life is incomplete without?
My 3 boys, Target & Netflix

M = Music group or singer?
Currently: Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, City and Color, Laurie Berkner

N = Number of siblings?
1 - The Budster

O = Overnight hospital stays?
Ha! funny. 6 with Everett.  15 with Deacon. 
P = Phobias/ Fears?
Q = Favorite Quote?
Live Free or Die
R = Righty or Lefty?
S = Season?
T = Time you wake up?
4:00am and then 6:00am
U = Unknown fact about me?
I used to love going to concerts but now I hate them. 
V = Vegetables you dislike?
W = What makes you run late?
2 little boys.

X = X-rays you've had?

Y = Your favorite food?
Z = Zodiac?

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