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Mom, Women of Faith

Once again, my friend and fellow blogger Nancy has asked me (and a few other women) to respond to a number of questions in her series, Mom, Women of Faith. This week's topic is, What it means to be a Christian Mom. Below you will find  my answer and several other moms' answers. Enjoy! 

Today we are launching a new series: Mom, Woman of Faith.  Each Saturday a group of moms will respond to a question essential to our lives as Christians and Mothers.  It is our hope that this series will spark reflection and growth for all those involved, both those writing here and those reading.  Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section or on facebook.

This week's Question:
What does it mean to be a Christian Mother?

I have been reflecting on what it means to be a Christian mother and I keep coming back the title of my blog, "do small things with (great) love".  This was the motto of Mother Theresa and although she was not a "mother" these words define Christian motherhood.  The way I show my children love is in all the small moments, which is what fills my day!

Although I often fail, it is my mission as a Christian mother to do all of the small things (laundry, changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping...) with great love, always believing that although the task before me is small, the love I show to my children and husband while preforming it is big.  Christ himself is a wonderful model in this regard.  He became man (something very small when you are God) and, without a doubt He loved greatly.

As a Christian Mother I delight in my smallness, and the smallness of my work, knowing that by creating a holy family my husband and I can change the world.


A Christian mother is a woman who aligns her life according to God’s Word, choosing to put God first in her life, followed by her husband, and then her children. She also seeks to mother her children based on the timeless principles of God’s Word.  

The most important relationship in a Christian woman’s life should be her relationship to God, which is only made possible by Jesus’ death and resurrection on our behalf.  All Christians are commanded to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  (Matthew 6:33)  By spending time with her Savior each morning and renewing her mind in the Word of God, a Christian mother is able to serve her family with joy and love.  She is also able to gain wisdom for her mothering, because according to Proverbs, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

The second most important relationship for a Christian woman is her relationship with her husband.  Children learn love by watching their father love their mother, and they learn obedience by watching their mother submit joyfully to their father’s leadership.  Furthermore, they feel secure when they sense that their parent’s relationship is loving and strong.  That provides the rich soil they need to put down roots and flourish.

Many mothers make the mistake of putting their children first and putting their husbands on the back burner during their child-rearing years. Most husbands don’t take too well to such a demotion!  However, it’s a fact that the needs of children can be quite overwhelming, especially when young, and a conscientious mother can easily become consumed with the needs of her children. Therefore, she must make a concentrated effort to invest in her relationships with God and her husband and to remember to make them a priority.

After building the necessary foundation of loving God and her husband, the Christian mother is free to love and minister to her children!  If she lacks wisdom, God has promised to give it to her! (James 1:5)  As she asks for wisdom and observes how God “parents” His children, the Christian mother will learn how to wisely parent her own children! There is much wisdom to be gained from observing God’s role as Father, such as: His mercies are new every morning!  He loves His children with an everlasting love!  He gives only good gifts!  He shepherds His flock, because sheep need much guidance and protection.  He chastens His children when they go astray, but gently restores those who repent.  He does all of this in love and with gentleness.

Above all, a Christian mother recognizes that she has a high and noble calling to partner with God in producing a godly family!  She should never feel that she is “just a mommy” or “just a housewife.”  There is no more important job in all the world than to raise up productive, well-adjusted, adults who love God and love others and will make an impact in the world!  


When my friend Nancy asked me to write for Mom, Women of Faith I was very excited. I thought it would be fun way to share a bit about who I am and what my faith means to me. My question is, What it Means to be a Christian Mom. At first, I thought it would be no big deal to quickly write out a word or two on this subject. But the more I thought about it, the MORE I thought about it; if you know what I mean. I recently had baby #2 and along with my 21 month old son, my kiddos are very young right now. So why is it even important to start thinking about what kind of mom I am and how I demonstrate my faith to them at such an earlier age? Because I firmly believe that at no matter what age a child is, demonstrating Christ's love on a daily basis is the most important thing I can do for my boys next to caring for their physical and emotional needs. If I am to be a Christian, then I need to walk the walk and talk the talk. This means practicing the Fruit of the Spirit everyday with my boys. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control. I have the choice in every moment to re-act either Christ-like or I can get selfish and do it my way. These little children will one day grow up to be young men, and I pray that the actions they saw me do, will help them in their own choices in life. I so want my boys to grow up to be Godly men, but how are they to get this way without guidance and direction from their parents? Besides my actions, right now I try to do little things with them like, read a children's Bible or devotional book to them, take them to church and Sunday school, sing songs about God and pray out loud with them. And of course, Pray for them daily! 

I am definitely far from from being Christ-like in my actions & words, and there are days I feel like I fail as a mom in millions of ways. But I love my boys and I know God loves them too. I am not perfect and I never will be, but I can try and show them how important my faith is to me. In hopes that one day their own faith in Jesus will be important to them. 


A Christian mother is a woman who sees one of her primary callings and “jobs” to be the upbringing of her children in the teachings of Christ. She attempts, through her actions and words, to create a culture in her home that encourages all members of the family to seek a virtuous life. A Christian mother knows that all things are possible through Christ, so she tries her best to never depend on herself, but instead to strengthen herself and her family through constant prayer and dependence on Him.

And now it's your turn.  Tell us your thoughts, or comment on what we've shared. 

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