Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 Months!

My little guy is 5 months old today! Full of laughter and smiles! He does this funny rocking with his body when he up on all fours. I've been told the next step is crawling!!! I am so not ready for that.

The weather here has been unseasonably warm! High 70's & 80's for October?! Unheard off! But I'm not complaining! We spent the day at our favorite Apple Orchard\Pumpkin Patch. This was E's second year going. Since last year he was in my belly.

2 feet tall! Only 3 more feet and he will be as tall as me!

(no that is not Grizzly Adams holding my son. It's his father who refuses to shave.)
(today he came into the living room and said, "If you walked into your 8th grade student's conferences and saw me what would you think?"
I said, "I would walk out ... please go shave!")

I am so excited to make continual trips to the apple orchard year after year. Of course I'm not looking forward to the year when E says, "Apple Orchards are LAME!"
It's bound to happen... teen angst is my bad karma!


K and/or K said...

Happy 5 months E! Look like your little punkin had a fun day!

This weather is truly amazing. Next year I want to take P and go with you guys!

danielle970 said...

He is adorable =)

Michelle A'etonu said...

OMG...too adorable for words! i can't believe it's already been 5 months!

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