Monday, March 31, 2008

Dentist Phobia

I need help. See that wasn't so hard to say. I really do though. It seems that my aversion to going to the dentist has done me in. I have a bad tooth and it hurts so bad! But the thing is, I don't like going to the dentist anymore! I was fearless as a kid and teenager. My pain threshold is high. But 8 years ago everything changed. My wisdom teeth needed to come out they were growing in sideways and they were impacted! Geesh! So to save money i went to the same dentist i went to my whole life. No problem. Except this was a problem. I was fully awake during the ordeal. Just some Novocaine to mask the pain. But no nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and I love that stuff! Legal high people! Anyway, the surgery for my wisdom teeth was so traumatic, we're talking teeth breaking and major deep extraction... that i vowed never to go back! On top of all that, I got PAINFUL dry sockets in all 4 sockets and my face was black and blue\puffy for a month! PLUS! i had no pain meds to make it better! I was in college at the time and my only solace was the CUTE boy in my Spanish class would talk to me and tell me to feel better! And I was so embarrassed cause i looked horrible and he would say to me, You don't look bad at all, I can hardly tell! He was sweet and good liar! :) After the wisdom teeth incident i got my teeth cleaned and that was horrible too. And i haven't been back since. Don't yell at me yet, I didn't have dental insurance for about 5 of those years! But last year i went to a new clinic, just for a cleaning. And they took x-rays and said, Hey no cavities! Although i do have a broken\bad molar that needs to be removed. But then they dropped this huge bomb on me. They said they wouldn't clean my teeth because first they wanted to do some weirdo procedure where they peal back my gums and scrape all the gunk and gook off of the teeth. NO WAY! So i left and now it is a year later. My rotted\broken tooth is in pain and I'm actually kinda nervous to go to the dentist. I'm thinking sedation dentistry? They make you all loopy and then fix your teeth. Perfect! But how did it come to this? Im so tough! I go to the doctor and have brain cysts scraped off from the top of my scull all the time... and that doesn't bother me and I'm totally awake for that! (sorry i hope you weren't eating when you read that)... But now I am dentist phobic. And I don't like it one bit! But i fear that if i go any longer with out taking care of this bad tooth it might do more damage in the end. Conundrum.


jodilee0123 said...

Ah ha! A fellow phobic! I finally found a dentist that caters to my fears!! My file is red flagged for my serious issues and I get the gold 4 star treatment! He is in Bloomington, but if you want his name, I will certainly give it to you. I never get pressured and they accept when I say no--and I still have my wisdom teeth. Alas, I feel you pain. . . we just got insurance again in November and I haven't been there yet. My excuse is I'm unable to find a babysitter--which is a pretty good one in my opinion.

Lori said...

Oh Sabrina-
I feel your pain and have the same concerns!!Dentists are right up there with my back pain-no good!
I rmember your dad sending me to that Watertown old fart of a dentist~!
Coach and I butted heads the other day and now my front tooth is loose as it went through my bottom lip as it banged into Coach's head!
Like Jodilee posted, I too found a wonderful, compassionate dentist FINALLY and he even pulled 2 teeth before my surgery FREE, put me to sleep and all, as I gave him a sob story about not working, having back surgery, etc....
I am very thankful for him!!!

Sabrina said...

You take the cake Lori! I dont know how you do it... but i am a wimp compared to what you go through daily! I just need to buck up!

Jodi... I might take you up on that dentist!

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